3D Workflow for Designers & Art Directors: Intro

When I was first hired as an Agency Art Director, one of my primary tasks was to art direct photo shoots.  Fortunately, I had taken several commercial photography classes in art school and had worked for a year as a photographer’s assistant in a commercial studio. This knowledge of the equipment, techniques and processes used by professional photographers allowed me to more effectively art direct photo shoots by being able to communicate with the photographer using technical language that we both understood.

In the same way, a strong, foundational knowledge of the 3D workflow will help most designers to more effectively direct any 3D project. A clear, artistic vision is critical, but it’s not enough. An understanding of the path to be followed to achieve that vision is equally critical.

With that in mind, this article will attempt to break down the 3D workflow so that you’ll understand both the steps to the work that must be done and much of the technical language used by your 3D artist or studio.  I’ll be covering the following topics:

As articles are posted, each of the topics above will become an active link.


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