New Avatar

HitchAvatar_210Pretty much all social media sites now need an avatar.  Rather than continue to use a photo, as I’ve been doing in the past, I thought that my avatar should reflect my 3D illustration skill.

So, I decided to put those skills to good use and built a 3D caricature of myself.  I wanted it to be friendly and fun, but I also wanted it to actually look like me.  To accomplish the “look like me” aspect, I began by building a realistic mesh and tweaking it until it did look like me.

Then I re-shaped it, exaggerating certain features and minimizing others, until it took on a cartoon quality.  UV mapped it, hand-painted skin textures, set up a sub-surface scatter shader for the skin, added lighting and this is the result.

  • Keith

    Exaggerate ? You ? of course I only sort of understand what you did, process wise but damn – its you. Glad you are still churning stuff out.

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